Soulscapes: a visual journal (journey) exploring our individual and collective voice in the pursuit of transformation.

The outer world is a reflection of our inner world. It it not just a landscape. It is our soulscape.

And so, using multimedia, we explore our inner world, our soulscape, to transform the nature of ourselves and the world we love in.

As Simon Buxton, an elder on the ancient European tradition of bee shamanism says, “Nature is the visible face of spirit.”

The nature within which we find ourselves is thus surely a reflection of our own spirit.
How does the world around you look? Is it moist with fertile soil or dry and arid? Is it hydrated by dancing rivers or stifled under cement? What does the world around us look like? Becoming aware of our surroundings can help us become more aware of ourselves. The next step is to make the necessary changes.

But first, explore.