Song of the Siren is the elemental series of VOICE, a global sisterhood representing water. Co-founder of VOICE personal exploration of this element is the Dark Mermaid Series where water, darkness and movement blend together symbolizing womb and the shadow goddess who lives and grows inside.

In collaboration with other sisters, powerful women who have a voice to share, new personal series will be added to Song of the Siren which will explore their personal creativity, visions and passions. The first sister to explore her song is Co-founder of VOICE and gifted Shamanic healer, Gabriela Gutierrez. Stay tuned for updates on her personal journey within which expressed through multimedia will challenge, inspire, educate and enliven the spirit.


After an eternity of planting roots, the song of the siren abruptly penetrates the delicate essence that seeks questions and yearns for answers. Howling melodically, she sings, calling upon the waves to devour souls in her honor. From the hidden depths of sea, she rises freely. Bound to the water by shackles of destiny, she is held captive. As a prisoner trapped within the well of humanities emotions, she drowns eternally.

Water gives birth to air and together they dance with the moon. Vampires of the sea acting as vessels not of light, or of water but of passage and treachery, these mer-folk, blooming from the ocean, capture the souls of those they enchant. Lassoing souls through song, the unconscious desires of all those within sounds distance are lured into the unknown. They are cradled, nurtured and fawned upon before being devoured.

The mystical illusion these mermaids posses lures those lead by the senses to their deaths. Only those who escape their perceived reality by traveling inward and flying above the somatic experience are gifted with the power of choice.